Saturday, May 8, 2010

Premiere Show

Two more days until my Premiere Show. I'm a little disappointed by my hostess. After giving her almost a week instead of the 2 days to get me the guest list, it wasnt filled out properly. All she gave me was the names of the ladies she said she invited and their email address instead of all of their info including phone numbers. So I sent out the Evites like I normally would, today is Saturday and not one person has RSVP'd out of the 28 names she gave me. I dont have their phone numbers so I cant call them to remind them.

Funny thing is..I was told that all of these names were told about the show and gave the hostess their confirmation that they were coming. This is being done through my friends work. He saw a couple of them and asked if they were excited about the show and how much fun they were going to have and they had NO idea what he was talking about. I was estatic when I recieved the guest list simply because of the amount of people on the list. From what my sponsor was telling me it was going to be the biggest turn out in the 10 years JE has been hosting spa shows. Now I get to tell my sponsor that I was lied to.

Feeling upset I emailed a fellow consultant to ask what I should do. She had gone over the steps with me making sure I had covered everything and I had. She told me not to feel bad that I had done everything I was supposed to and if anything it was going to make the hostess look bad not me. So from what I understand right now instead of 28 people showing up there are 6 or 7. Still a good turn out but thats not the point. There still maybe people that show up that dont RSVP and to me thats fine, but I am not getting my hopes up.

I guess we will see how Monday goes, what is the most disappointing is I sat down with my hostess for 30 minutes going over the hostess packet with her and what she needed to do, I didn't think it was that hard to get me the information that I had requested. **Sigh**

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'm sitting here with my coffee and a whirlwind of thoughts are going through my head. Mainly about my Premiere Show, that is May 10th. I have this visual of what I want the display table to look like, how I want to set up the checkout stand, etc. My biggest fear is that its not going to be turn out I'm hoping for. I know I shouldnt set myself up for failure but I keep thinking of a worst case scenario.

I am a chronic list maker. If I am going to be cleaning my house, I make a list room by room of what needs to be done. I make a list of things I need to get done whether it be for the day or the week. So naturally I have made a list, well more than one actually for this show. The first list is what is going to be sitting out on each table, the second is for the documents I need to print out for the show. I think I may end up blowing up my printer by the time its said and done.

Its been a month since I opened my website/webstore, and the only orders on it have been my own lol. Just little things that I needed. I know that I have to be patient and its not going to happen over night, but I check it everyday just hoping that I see orders coming in. I spent 2 hours last night looking at ways to increase website traffic. Most of these I have done, for example Twitter, Facebook, business cards, Yahoo Groups, etc. I am trying to come up new and eye catching ways to advertise. I am thinking about joining the Chamber of Commerce here, I have been told that it is a great idea because you get your business promoted that way as well, so we shall see.

Well I am off for a bit, going to check on mailing lists that I was given the suggestion to check out. If ANYONE, has ideas that are new and eye catching to advertise PLEASE, let me know, anyones advice is appreciated advice.