Thursday, April 29, 2010

What A Week!!!

Sorry for neglecting my blog for a bit. I kept meaning to post an entry every day but there are just simply not enough hours in a day! So this has been one heck of a week.

My friend took one of my lotion bars into work just to show the women in his office. Not only did he pass out every business card I had on me, but he sold "my" lotion bar LOL, and I booked a Spa Show off of the receptionist. This is going to be the biggest show I have done yet. Right now the guest list is at 37 women, with 10 confirmed and there is little less than two weeks left before the show. I have been freaking out...I think I have gone over my list of things I need to purchase, print out, inventory to bring with me at least 4 times this week.

I also got emailed by a lady who runs a Press Release blog and was asked to be a featured blogger on their site. Which I found pretty exciting. I am also sending one of my lotion bars to a woman who has started a woman's ministry in her church as a donation for door prizes she is going to have there.

I also met a wonderful lady through the MomPack, a group for Work At Home Mom's, she was looking for a new venture to start with. So I introduced myself and the company that I work for. After exchanging a couple of emails shes pretty serious about joining my team with Jordan Essentials. She will be the first person I get to sign up under me as part of my team. I am going to send her some samples, nothing huge or expensive for her to try. I am excited for her because after doing a search she would be the only rep in her area within a 200 mile radius.

So like I said its been a pretty eventful week. What I think I am going to start doing is buy our lotion bars in the 5 packs so that if I find myself in the situation where I can donate a lotion bar for a good cause I wont have to race to try and get them from headquarters. AND...I will definitly try harder to post everyday and if I cant everyday then every other day. A post everyday?? What would I talk about??

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